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Re: battery for R1100R

I used to have the regular BMW battery until they made the gel-battery and I had no choice and spent $207+tax for that lousy gel-battery. We have a large electric/electronic surplus store here where I saw this sealed led acid battery, the same size as the RS needs, 18 AH, for 39.95. The poles are not very sturdy and have 5 mm diameter holes only. Instead of drilling I enlarged the holes by a carbide rotary bit. It is working for over two years, keeps the voltage, the best I ever had. Later a friend of mine, in the computer business, told me that those are computer and alarm system batteries.
Robert Silas

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Subject: battery for R1100R

I need a battery for an R1100R.  I'm thinking about an Odyssey PC680.

1 - Is that a good idea?
2 - If not, what _is_ a good idea?
3 - If I get the Odyssey, what kind of terminals should I get?

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