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Removing the fairing of a BMW K1200LT

The top cover is held on with two screws. Don't force the cover off after removing the screws -- there are two plastic hooks that help hold the cover down. Slide the cover toward the seat to release these hooks.

The side bumpers are held on with two screws. They come off quite fast. You can see the crash tube under the bumpers.

This picture shows the plastic/chrome trim removed. This bit of trim needs to be gently squeezed where it attaches to the upper and lower plastic toward the front of the bike. It is held on by two allen head screws at the bottom of the trim and one torx screw where it wraps around the plastic by the riders knee/shins.

The lower wind deflectors are removed next. Each is held on with three screws. Now is also a good time to remove the mirrors. A rap to the back of the mirror with the heel of your hand will pop it loose.

Next the turn indicator covers are removed. This is where a phillips screwdriver is needed. I removed the bulb sockets from the covers and put the covers someplace I wouldn't step on them.

At this point you can see all of the screws holding on the front side covers. Remove the screws and then pull the rear of the front side cover out from the front of the rear side cover.

Confused? The two pieces of the side covers are joined under with a pin-and-grommet. They must be separated. Once that is done pull from the bottom of the cover a few inches, then lift the cover up. That removes the tabs at the top of the side cover from the slots in the top piece.

This shows the side covers removed.

The screws holding the radio/top cover are removed and the unit is moved out of the way enough to route my power cables. I'd have to remove a half-dozen or so electrical connections if I want to completely remove this cover. This way I can still listen to a CD while I'm working.

The plastic covering the handlebars is held on with two 3 mm allen head screws. This is where I'm routing the power cable to the radar detector.

The white cable ties on the frame member is the power distribution box that came with the radar detector. I used it to power the GPS, too. It is wired to the accessory socket hot lead and chassis ground.

The bundle of wires is the excess from the GPS and radar detector power leads. There are also cable tied to the frame and out of the way. I made sure that they didn't interfere with the fit of the side covers.

Once you've gone this far it becomes obvious how to remove lowers and front piece.