Wind damage

Monday, Oct 25 2021

We had about 5 1/2 inches of rain over about two days if I’m reading the local weather reports right. And lots of wind on Sunday. The power went out about 3 PM Sunday and as I write this at 8 PM on Monday the power is still out. Sections of the neighborhood are now reporting that power has been restored so there is hope that we will soon be able to turn the generator off.

With the power out the pool cover pump does nothing. The water is about 6” deep on top of the cover. This afternoon I decided to at least scoop out the leaves and other detritus in the water so the pump doesn’t clog. That’s when I noticed this:

The pool equipment enclosure is missing a side. Of course it is the side that supported the heavy transfomer for garden lighting and the control unit for the irrigation system. I temporarily screwed some supports to the posts and top rail of the fence, both in good condition, to support the electrical equipment until we can get the fence repaired. I am not looking forward to re-wiring the lighting transformer which I will have to do if I’m going to replace the plastic conduits used as wire guides. The guides broke where they attach to the transformer box. Maybe I can 3D print some kind of sleeve that I can attach to the existing conduit. The conduit ends at ground level where the low voltage wires go underground to the many lighting fixtures.

This is a corner of our property looking from the sidewalk on the neighbors side of the property line. We discovered the damage when taking a walk this afternoon. Something else to fix, I thought. But later this afternoon the neighbor dropped by and asked if I minded if he fixed the fence. No, I certainly don’t mind. Last time a section blew down in that area I fixed/replaced it. I guess it is his turn!

8:40 PM: Yea! The power is back on, the generator was allowed to run to empty with the fuel petcock closed to empty the carb after the loads it was driving were restored to house circuits. The extension cords that were running throughout the downstairs have been put away.

Tomorrow I’ll drain the gas from the generator and maybe even change it’s oil. I think it’s got about 50 hours run time since last changed.