2008 CCC&BBQ

October 2008

Last year I was packed and ready to go about 3 days before the event with a route picked out and plans to meet with other riders along the way. Two days before the event I got sick. Not wanting a repeat this year I’d thought play it pretty much by ear. I packed after bringing my grandson home Friday afternoon—my wife and I have been babysitting the little one every Friday. Then I came in and read the weather forecast and packed again, replacing sleeping bags with one that can handle the forecast lows.

Saturday morning I waited until about 8:30 to leave, giving the sun a chance to warm things up a bit. I thought I’d take 35/9 to Santa Cruz from San Mateo then hop on highway 1. That plan lasted until the left hand turn lane onto 35 from 92. Road closed due to a downed power line. Oh well… I continued over the hill to pick up highway 1 in Half Moon Bay.

These images show how nice the weather was on the coast. Many of the camp grounds were full, but “no campfires” seemed to be the order of the day. Shortly after taking those pictures I turned onto Nacimiento road—and ran into a road closed due to fire sign. Not believing the sign (wishful thinking) I kept going, but about 1/4 mile later there were 3 Cal Fire people who let me know that the road was indeed closed. OK, back to the coast, continue south to 46, pick up Vineyard, Adelaida, Nacimiento Lake, Interlake, and finally San Antonio Rd to the camp ground. One final detour: the group was in a different group site this year.

Once at the campground I set up my tent, said “hi” to the folks that I know, then wandered around, taking pictures of the bikes in attendance. Lots of pretty bikes. Pictures follow.

Here are some shots of folks enjoying the great spread that Tom prepared. I don’t think the deer walking through the camp got anything from us. Obviously, this one didn’t seem to be bothered by people or bikes.

Here are a few shots of the lake, taken from the top of a hill separating our camp site from the lake.

Everyone survived the cool night—it was quite dry but I did find some evidence of frost on my bike cover. After morning coffee and donuts the group prepared for the traditional “get all the bikes in a line” so pictures could be taken. Here are some of mine.

I left the camp site about 10:30 and headed over to San Miguel to pick up Indian Valley, Peach-Tree, and highway 25. I stopped for lunch in Tres Pinos before continuing on to 101, 85, and 280; the boring (but quick) part of the ride. I was home by 3:30.