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Re: Anybody still on this list? Tyres

My son is waiting for a 17" rear Michelin since October. I had Michelin before, the older type, the 90 and the 100, I wasn't pleased with them like I was and I am with the BTs, which were better, the BT-010 which I used once for a California trip, made me cut my trip 4,000 km shorter, I was glad to get home. It turns quicker though.
Bob Silas

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On Mon, 15 Feb 2010 13:18:14 -0500 "Dancoe, John" <jdan@xxxxxxxx> writes:
<<<  What does a '93 R1100RS like for tires these days?  >>>

Dunlop 205 or the Dunlop 205A Authority tire... or anything by Michelin.

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