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RE: Anybody still on this list?

Greetings to fellow snowbound oilheads:

I've been running the BT020's on my '99 R1100RT for roughly 8 years and
45,000 miles. I'm happy with the ride, wet and dry handling, longevity, and
the low dB of tire hum at speed. I'll continue to give the BT020's my top
rating until I learn of a significantly better all-around tire for the
Oilheads. The BT020 set my RT was wearing for the road trip west to the 2001
BMW MOA rally in Redmond, OR lasted 14,000 miles rear, and 18,000 miles
front! That was the best mileage I ever achieved with this bike, but other
sets were not far behind. When it is time to change the front tire, a slight
front-end shimmy will develop at ~55mph if I release my grip on the
controls. To avoid this I try to change both F&R tires together. Otherwise,
I cannot think of any other gripes relating to these tires.

On another note, I'm not much for organizing get-togethers, but I think it
would be cool if we could meet or gather together at the 2010 MOA Rally in
Redmond... Sort of a rally within a rally.  I'm planning to attend with my
'99 RT as much for nostalgia sake as I am hoping to repeat the best rally I
have ever attended. Maybe some of us could hook up on route, and ride at
least part way together. Just a thought...

Meanwhile, have a safe and healthy 2010.


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What does a '93 R1100RS like for tires these days?

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