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Re: List

Well, you wouldn't know it from the traffic.  I'm
taking my bike to work tomorrow and morning temp is
expected to be around 12F (balmy compared to your
location possibly), and while oilheads, particularly
RTs should be year round bikes this list is silent
while the other list I subscribe to, which serves
Suzuki RG 500 gammas (a fair weather bike if there
ever was one) has maybe 8 posts a day on a slow day
and at this time of year no one is riding their bikes
save folks in Southern Calif, Florida, Texas, and the

I LOVE my Gerbing gloves and thermostat.  I love my
insulated overpants with the full length zippers.  I
don't love how the wind now runs up my back on the
R1100 RT while the K1100 RS I had before this bike had
no such aerodynamic feature.  OTOH its fairing was
rudimentary and I could not ride it in cold temp below
30F due to wind getting under the helmet.  A big Cee
Bailey screen tilted up like a barn door gives me a
wind free pocket with nothing scooting up the helmet,
but plenty of air scooting up my kidneys, sad to say. 
I think a Gerbing vest is in order.

--- Robert Silas <robert.silas@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Happy New Year.
> Is this list still alive????
> Bob Silas