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Re: R1100R head gasket

Mark Rivera wrote:
I've been getting some leakage around a head gasket on my 02/1997 R1100R, and plan to replace it. [...]

Thanks to all who responded. I'd done the re-torque before, and it was definitely time replace the gaskets. Picked up the 4-component replacements and did the work over a couple of days.

Heavy/irregular deposits on the pistons, with a more even coating on the valve side of things. Spark plugs looked normal - a bit more black than usual, but the electrodes were a nominal grey.

Cleaned it all up with a stiff plastic brush and some Valspar Goof Off. Did a slight valve adjustment and balance with Twin Max, replaced exhaust gaskets, oil and filter change, etc. The bike runs tremendously better now. Will probably do another oil change when I do the 600mi re-torque.

The only thing I struggled with a bit was the chain tensioner on the left side on account of the tight clearance with the telelever arm. Had to get a 'shorty' wrench to be able to work the bolt head.

Incidentally, the Clymer fails to mention two more hex bolts that have to come off - both in the chain cavity.

Thanks again & happy new year.