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Re: '95 Bmw R1100R Catalytic Converter Eliminator

In a message dated 1/18/2008 9:27:07 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
jaydalton1@xxxxxxxxx writes:

I have a '95 R1100R. I was just wondering if anyone would know of a complete
after market exhaust system that can be bought to eliminate the need for the
catalytic converter (and gives a noise a bit more beefier than then current
sound of wet farts from the stock BMW exhaust). 

My short answer to your question is no, I don't know of a complete exhaust 
system that eliminates the cat. converter, but I hope the following information 
might provide an alternate approach to meeting your needs. Touratech makes a 
product called a Sebring 'Y' pipe that eliminates the cat. converter section of 
the exhaust system for at least the R1150GS, which is what I have. Since 
Touratech is a German company, they probably have distribution in your corner of 
the world and could tell you if their device would fit your R1100R. 
So far as the exhaust cannister portion of the exhaust system is concerned, 
the Sebring 'Y' pipe is designed to mimic that portion of the stock exhaust 
system, so your stock exhaust cannister or a suitable aftermarket cannister 
should bolt right on. I went with a Staintune low pipe for my GS because I wanted 
to gain the room for a full sized left side case. I initially fitted the 
Staintune cannister to the part of the exhaust system containing the cat. converter. 
There was no difference in exhaust sound between the stock cannister and the 
Staintune cannister. It was only when I removed the center section of the 
exhaust system containing the cat. converter, and replaced it with the Sebring 'Y' 
pipe that the exhaust sound went from wimpy to robust.
Hope this helps.

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