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Cat Eliminator

Two Brothers used to have a pipe that eliminated the CAT.   They stopped
selling it separately and insist that people buy their whole system.   I
know a guy who had a Two Brothers on his RS and it was way too loud.   When
the exhaust noise is louder than the wind noise at 70 mph, it's too loud.
Riding behind this guy was torture.   


Another friend had a full Remus system on his RT.  It was great.  He simple
pulled the cat code plug and used this system.  His bike didn't surge at
all, sounded nice and could be ridden for very long distances without
fatigue.  He liked it so much, he bought a 2000 1100 RT after he dumped his
'98.  There was just not another bike around that he could afford that gave
him what the RT did.  He lives in Scottsdale, AZ and rides high miles all
over the west.  The first thing his "new" RT got was another Remus system,
so I guess he things it's important. 


I've had 3 RTs and never saw a need for an aftermarket exhaust.   I like
quiet.  Just get the revs up and charge some good corners.  You don't notice
the exhaust at all.   Pulling the CAT and the CCP is good for eliminating
surge on the older bikes, though.