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Let me be the one to say it.  If it was a short that made the bike die, you
would not be able to restart it.   I think it's the fuel line.  It's
possible that your gas line vent is not venting and you're getting a vacuum
in the tank.  Fix the fuel thing.  Make sure you haven't switched the vent
lines.  Charge the battery up and try again.  






> Bike is a 2002 1150R.


> I have autcom added to my bike (power through a fuse with the negative 

> on the battery).


> So I took off the tank to add on gerbing electric gloves. I took off 

> the autocom system but left the wiring in place. I attached the hot 

> and negative directly to the battery. I replaced the tank with no 

> problems and did a short ride out and back (total ride 30 minutes no

> problem)


> The next morning I put back on the autocom and turned it on. I had not 

> plugged in the electric gloves yet. As I pulled out of the yard, my 

> bike went dead. Engine died and the electrics all went off. I started 

> it back up and made it through another light before it shorted again.


> I got it back to the house and know I'm trying to figure out what's 

> causing it to die on me. Since then I've flipped the switch on it and 

> it was slow to come up, but it did start. After a while of running on 

> the center stand, it died out again.


> I did notice that I had not gotten both of the  gaslines hooked back 

> up and have since broken one and will be replacing it today. Not sure 

> if that could have caused the problem.


> Any ideas to help me start to figure out what's wrong?


> gregory



> Gregory Appling

> 385 Waverly St

> Sunnyvale, CA 94086

> 415-637-0784