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Re: Created a short some how.

At 02:28 PM 1/20/2008, Gregory Appling wrote:
Bike is a 2002 1150R.

I have autcom added to my bike (power through a fuse with the negative on the battery).

So I took off the tank to add on gerbing electric gloves. I took off the autocom system but left the wiring in place. I attached the hot and negative directly to the battery. I replaced the tank with no problems and did a short ride out and back (total ride 30 minutes no problem)

The next morning I put back on the autocom and turned it on. I had not plugged in the electric gloves yet. As I pulled out of the yard, my bike went dead. Engine died and the electrics all went off. I started it back up and made it through another light before it shorted again.

I got it back to the house and know I'm trying to figure out what's causing it to die on me. Since then I've flipped the switch on it and it was slow to come up, but it did start. After a while of running on the center stand, it died out again.

I did notice that I had not gotten both of the gaslines hooked back up and have since broken one and will be replacing it today. Not sure if that could have caused the problem.

Any ideas to help me start to figure out what's wrong?


  It's probably the return line that was causing your problem.
It will run for a while but if the return is blocked, the pump will
eventually stop pumping because of the extremely high pressure.
These fuel pumps can run the pressure up to nearly 100psi with
a blocked return.  The normal pressure is 43psi, controlled by the
pressure regulator under the airbox.  All the excess fuel is returned
to the tank.  With a blocked return, the fuel system goes way rich
and eventually kills the engine.
  If it was just a tank venting problem, you would not notice it till
the tank was mostly empty and then the filler cap would be hard to open.
On an old gravity feed system, you would notice the venting problem
right away.  On these Oilheads, the fuel pump can suck the tank
till it deforms and crushes the fuel level pipe inside.