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Slipsiding away

> From: "Doyle, Kevin CAPT SEA07, 073" >

     There I was Saturday afternoon about two minutes into a ride, down>
shifting prior to a right hand 90 degree turn, approx 10-15 mph. I hit> the
apex, twisted the throttle for a smooth exit and down I went. The> bike just
COMPLETELY went out from under me. >Snip

> From: "Clive Liddell" >
Subject: RE: Slipsliding away> > Kevin,> Thanks for sharing.> > A similar
incident here: I had finished a brake service on my R850R and> went for a ride
just at dusk to check it all out. Now on this (familiar)> piece of road they
had done tarmac resurfacing work that day and had left> all that fine black
dust all over, of course completely invisible to me at> that twilight time...
Yes, as I turned onto that road (fortunately at a> very resonable speed), like
you, the bike and I were "slipsliding away" in a> millisecond. >Snip

Glad to hear that you both came out OK. Your stories almost make me glad that
there's too much ice and snow here to even contemplate riding for a few more
months. Stay safe.

Conrad long
'94 R1100RSA
Fraser, CO, USA
(The Icebox of the Nation)
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