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Re: Slipsliding away Revisited

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: John Merlinw Williams <jmerlinw@xxxxxxx>

I have had Bobs experience too. I live in Southeast Michigan where
they still salt a LOT (or occasionally use the more expensive
alternate a KCl slurry??). The salt does just as Bob describes. A few
days of dry cold weather and traffic has beaten it into talcum powder
and it builds up in every corner. In addition to being nearly
invisible and slippery, I just hate what the salt does to the bike.
In this powdered form it gets everywhere (even inside cables and
electrical connectors). So, I stop my season when they put down the
first salt (early-mid December) and I dont usually ride much until
weve had a couple of good wash-out rains in-between the early spring
saltings (mid-March-ish).

John,  I've lived in florida for all but the first year of my 62 years so i never knew
any of this about salt getting turned into talcum powder.   I guess it is a lesson

us southern boys dont know about.   Very interesting though and perhaps one day it 
will save me from going down, If I ever do ride in snow and that slush crap.

The end of the riding season in florida is Dec 31 and the beginning of the riding season 
is Jan 1.  Infact now is our best time to ride of course the down side is my bike doesn't
get polished all winter long either...  I have notice the guys from the cold climates 
always have shinny bikes...now if I could just get the wife interested in waxing the bike!.

My point is thanks for sharing, I enjoy reading about life in other places.


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