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Duhhh, I forgot to post the Price!!! $75.00

Price:  $75.00 original purchase price $140.00 at Honda Dealer.  In very good
shape, no fading or rips or tears.. All zippers and elastic in good condition.
Just want fit a growing boy like me at 62 years.
Mike H.

Listers, I am going to put this on Ebay soon but felt I would have more
interest on our mailing list... If anyone is interested ping me off list, or
call at: (318) 548-8009
The riding suit can be seen at:
 ( Click on photo to enlarge, the press next)

Mike Hilton

2003 K1200GT (New to Me)
Mike's 1978 R100S & "S" information
Work URL, Ruston City Marshal