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RE: Serious R1150R oil leak

 Hi Gary,
Al I can think of is that your cover might have distorted in the "drop" and
that the "plug post" gasket (which, although seperate, is really just part
of the rocker cover gasket) is not sealing the post properly.  Remember, the
pressure on this small gasket is dependent on its position relative to the
large outer gasket and any leak on this small gasket will soon cause a big

These rocker covers are very strong and IMO its only when sufficient metal
has been filed off that a hole appears or infrequently that a crack may
develop from a hard blow.  I have never had distortion of a cover such that
a leak that you describe occurs.

A quick check would be to compare the LH and RH covers with a straight edge
to see if there is a difference in the "protrusion" of the plug posts -
possible due to the drop...

I always dry old oil off inner and outer gaskets, carefully place them on
the cover and then offer up the "dressed" cover in one continuous movement
to avoid displacing the central one - torque up to 8Nm in rotation.  I have
never purchased new gaskets in a combined milage of 150000km and a total
17years of Oilhead ownership...   Not a leak anywhere ;>)

Clive Liddell
South Africa