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Re: RT-P Parts


-- Don MacQueen <dmac@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
<<<  I know it's a long shot, but several weeks back, someone was looking for
the parts from an RT-P to turn his/her R11XXRT into a solo seat bike.  >>>

I'll check my archives.  I don't know why anyone would do that.  There is a
conversion to make an RT-P a two-seater.  I'd really like to have a passenger
seat on my RT-P but that would ruin the purpose for having an RT-P.  I could
use the extra cargo carrying capacity that a seat would offer.  As it is now,
I must prop everything on top of the radio box which is quite high as compared
to the front seat.  Extra long Helen2Wheels straps fastened to the crash bars
are the only way I can carry a load.

Robert Munday
1998 R11CHP
Montgomery, AL
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