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Re: Serious R1150R oil leak


I want to say a big thanks to all of you who responded to my plea for help -
I really appreciate it and some of the links that you pointed me at were

I checked the gaskets (yet again) and all was fine - however, once I had
been convinced by you guys that it was not likely to be a head gasket leak
or similar, I took a really carefull look at the rocker box cover. Where the
Spark plug post joins the actual cover there was a hairline crack in the
casting. It stayed hairline until I stressed it, then it opened up!!

Obviously under torque, the crack worsens and leaks oil big style, but then
when  I loosened the bolts, the darned thing closed up again, so it was very
tough to see. But it does explain the oil all over the place!!

So today, I am phoning around to find a new rocker cover  - magnesium twin
spark in blue - right hand -anybody got one spare, I know someone who needs

A codecil to this tale is also painful - I have two bikes, the beemer and a
Guzzi 750 - the Guzzi is due to be sold as soon as the beemer is on the
road. But due to the oil leak, I have been using Guzzi more than I wanted as
I had prepared it to sell. Last night on the way home, at about 45 mph, it
stalled or similar, locked up and tried to throw me over the handlebars.
After a bit of excitement, I hung on and then nursed it home on one cylinder
with a lot of banging & crashing from the engine department. DIff, g,box &
clutch all seem OK, engine does not - I suspect I have thrown a rod - strip
down at the weekend will tell!!!!

Not fair, this is the best weather we have had for ages & both bikes laid

GaryRichards wrote:
> Hi Guys 
> I have just bought an 1150 R Rockster - it has been crashed and I have
> rebuilt the front end nicely. In the drop, the right hand rocker cover
> took some scraping. It had an oil leak from the spark plug post, so I have
> changed rocker cover gasket & centre post gasket. On first ride after
> repair, I find it's not got an oil leak it's an environmental disaster -
> oil pours out of the R/H plug cover (all over my new leathers etc) its
> quite literally running out. 
> I have checked the gaskets and all seems well - before I strip the engine,
> has anybody any thoughts - could the head gasket leak oil into the spark
> plug post cavity? 
> It is a 2004 model on 12,000 miles and the oil level is not too high,
> smack in the middle of the sight glass. Only the RHS is leaking 
> I will photo the damn thing so you can see how much oil we are talking
> about. 
> This is my first Beemer, and I am really hacked off, it's a great ride and
> the engineering is mint
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