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RE: Serious R1150R oil leak


Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2008 03:36:33 -0800 (PST)
From: GaryRichards <garyrichards@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Serious R1150R oil leak

Hi Guys
I have just bought an 1150 R Rockster - it has been crashed and I have
rebuilt the front end nicely. In the drop, the right hand rocker cover took
some scraping. It had an oil leak from the spark plug post, so I have
changed rocker cover gasket & centre post gasket. On first ride after
repair, I find it's not got an oil leak it's an environmental disaster - oil
pours out of the R/H plug cover (all over my new leathers etc) its quite
literally running out.

I have checked the gaskets and all seems well - before I strip the engine,
has anybody any thoughts - could the head gasket leak oil into the spark
plug post cavity?

It is a 2004 model on 12,000 miles and the oil level is not too high, smack
in the middle of the sight glass. Only the RHS is leaking

I will photo the damn thing so you can see how much oil we are talking

This is my first Beemer, and I am really hacked off, it's a great ride and
the engineering is mint


I think you pinched or cut the center post gasket. The symptoms yoou describe
are exactly what happens when it is not installed correctly or damaged.This is
easy to do. I'd buy a couple more and try again before tearing anything down.
BTW, this gasket installs on the valve cover first.


Bob Covey
Thousand Oaks CA
'96 R1100RT