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Re: Electrical cut-out R1100RS tipped to left

My son had a R11S and it had nearly a total melt down of the wiring going to the back half of the bike.?? The bike seemed to not have enough fuses ( it only has 4 fuses).??? The adjacent wiring in a wire bundle would over heat, melt the insulation off and then fuse to the wire next to it.? No direct short thankfully but as you would suspect brake lights would stay on since they were getting power from other circuits, turn signals didn't work or caused other lights to blink, it was a crazy mess solved ony by peeling most of that factory electrically tape wrapped wiring bundles and splicing in new ( and better) wire.???? 

I never did find out the original source of the trouble since by the time I found it half of all the wires were fused together,

I don't know if the RS suffers the same fate but check your wire bundles carefully you may be looking only at the tip of the iceburg...


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Have you checked the sidestand switch? That would be an obvious options as it is on the left side and would cause the same symptoms.?
/Timo (R1100RT) First ride of the year tomorrow!!?
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> > First I would like to thank all of the regulars on this list who have > been so helpful. A couple of years ago I had stretched head studs on > the right cylinder that was causing an oil weep and you all helped me > sort it (new studs and the correct torquing procedure). Although I > don't contribute much, I appreciate the dialog and I've learned a > lot. So here I am with hat in hand again. I think this could be > interesting...?
> > Here's my new challenge. When my 1999 R1100RS (32K miles) is tipped > even a few degrees (less than 10) to the left, the electrics cut out > completely. Tip it up straight and the electric's come back on - > lights, idiot lights, ABS flashing correctly etc. - although the > engine shuts off. I thought it might be a fuel problem but my test > case is: key in "on" position, no ignition. Tip to the left - > everything goes dark, tip it upright, everything comes back on. I > touch nothing in the meantime. It's not intermittent - does it every > time.?
> > Background: Last fall I smelled a hot electrical odor. The the engine > ran erratically - and got worse the warmer the engine got. Because of > the intermittent but severe nature of the "cut-out-rough-running- > stutter", then normal running for a minute or two, then repeat, in a > very erratic pattern, I suspected the crank-position sensor (Hall- > effect sensor?), but I have no diagnostic tools, so this time sent it > to the dealer. They confirmed the sensor was burned and some wires > melted. They replaced the sensor and the wiring. I also remember, > one of the symptoms before the sensors were replaced was the bike > often cut out briefly tipping into a left-hander. Not pleasant. I > had them synch the throttle bodies also. The bike got back so late in > the winter I never had a chance to test it on the road.?
> > I just put on dual horns and steel brake lines, a new Optima battery, > and ran it through the pre-season check, let it idle on the center > stand. it sounded really sweet. As soon as I pushed off it died. It > took me a while to to figure out that it was going to die every time > it was tipped slightly to the left.?
> > Ideas??
> > John Merlin Williams?
> jmerlinw@xxxxxxx?