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Re: New to this List

"Tom Brown" writes:
 > The 1200 engine does not require constant monitoring of the throttle body
 > synch in order to run smoothly.  I have done all the maintenance on mine
 > save for the servo brakes.   I'm very picky about my valve adjustment

FYI I've done the servo brake bleed on my R12GS. It's not hard, just
lots of bleeding required (4 circuits and 4 bleeds from 3 bleed points
on two of the circuits).  BMW's current requirements are to bleed the
wheel circuits (the easy part of the bleed) every 2 years and the
control circuits every 4 years.   That makes the task less onerous.

// marc

PS: List Administrivia: The disk in the server that hosts the
oilheads mailing list is almost dead.  I've a replacement server
on hand.  Sometime in the next day or two the list will be down for
a (hopefully) short while as I swap things around.   Normally you
guys wouldn't notice, but with all the recent list activity I thought
I'd mention it.