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RE: R1200RT review


Thanks for the excellent review. Sounds like a sweet bike. I could very well
end up on one after my R1100RS turns over 100k; which is a few years yet at
the rate I'm [not] riding it.

I dreamed about riding last night...

I've been in Japan--working, in Koga, 1:05 north of Ueno Station (Tokyo) on
the Utsonomiya line--for most of the past few months.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda, didn't, find a way to go for a ride while I was here.
The weather's been generally fine and I've even got the hang of which side of
the road to drive on in the company car (a Nissan Cube).

Not much chance of a ride at this point as this part of my assignment winds
down, but
I have had some great times in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nikko while I've been
here. Can't complain.
And I sure look forward to blowing the dust out of my RS when I get home next

John Dancoe