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Re: r1100rt exhaust

There are several expensive ways to get rid of the surging.  A second spark
plug, and a power commander will probably work.  The cheap method is to pull
the CAT code plug and hope for the best.

Mine would still surge even with the CAT plug removed, so all that did was
waste gas.
After a lot of trial and error, what worked for me is
1) a very cafefull valve adjustment (find the Oilhead Valve Adjustment for
Dummies document on the web)
2) sync the throttle bodies using a twinmax with the bike in motion running
down the road.
    (DO NOT attempt this unless you are willing to accept the consequences
of your actions.)
    (DO NOT attempt this unless you can find a lonely, deserted stretch of
road for the test rides.)
    I hook up the twin max while I'm riding.  Get into the RPM range where
surge occurs, and see if the needle is to the left or right of center.  Go
to the garage and make a tiny adjustment.  Repeat the test.  Repeat the
adjustment until the needle stays exactly in the center when running is
second gear at 4000RPM.

Its a free fix if you have a twin max and the patience.

This worked for me, just your basic garage mechanic.  YMMV

Dean Wegner
R1100RT '96   75Kmi

On Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 10:43 PM, guzzirider <theguzzi@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> wondering if anyone knows what exausts is interchangeable with the 1998
> r1100rt? I've been looking for aftermarket exuast. I think its time to
> open
> it up and drope the cat system. also anyone that has any tricks to modify
> the never ending throttle surge. I have been tuning the the box i had put
> on
> it when I got it and its ok but hopping theres something better it fix the
> problem. thanks
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