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Re: r1100rt exhaust

>2) sync the throttle bodies using a twinmax with the bike in motion running
>down the road.
>    (DO NOT attempt this unless you are willing to accept the consequences
>of your actions.)
>    (DO NOT attempt this unless you can find a lonely, deserted stretch of
>road for the test rides.)
>    I hook up the twin max while I'm riding.  Get into the RPM range where
>surge occurs, and see if the needle is to the left or right of center.  Go
>to the garage and make a tiny adjustment.  Repeat the test.  Repeat the
>adjustment until the needle stays exactly in the center when running is
>second gear at 4000RPM.

I successfully used a similiar approach.  I left the locking nut on
the cable adjuster loose and would pull over and tweak the adjustment
right there.  I didn't pay attention to the RPM range; I would get it
to the surge zone and tweak the adjustment.  

Once I had it correct, I'd stop and tighten the locking nut.  

I put velcro on the gas fill cap and on the back of the twin max :-)

Not very orthodox, but it worked. 
Wayne Woodruff