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Re: Persistent ABS fault


I did exactly the same thing to my 1999 R1100RS - dumped it on the  
right side - with the same effect to the ABS. Just disconnecting the  
battery will not clear the fault in my experience. I used a procedure  
to reset the ABS electronics, which I believe was on the IBMWR site,  
but which I couldn't connect to this a.m. Here are two other  
references that may help. Only as starting point. You might want to  
wait for advice from other list readers.

Please remember this is not a "home mechanic" recommended procedure.  
There are some differences between model years and the procedures may  
not apply in your case.

But, it worked for me.

<http://www.bikersoracle.com/rs/forum/showthread.php?t=97> - scroll  
down a bit


On my 1999 RS the plug under the seat has a "cap" of medium blue  
color with three "barrels." I left the "cap" on and (as I recall)  
just used a 2" stiff copper wire in alligator clip test leads to  
reach the connectors at the other end of the plug.

I bled the all the brakes, and since I also had the tank off to  
replace the fuel filter, I bled ABS unit.


John Merlin Williams

On Apr 29, 2008, at 1:42 PM, Don MacQueen wrote:

> Okay:  2002 R1150RS, battery is an Odyssey, in good shape, fully  
> charged.  I recently had a fall, and the bike went down on the  
> right side.  As far as I can trace, the wiring to the ABS sensors  
> is undamaged.  But, I have an ABS fault that appears at key-on, not  
> after engine start.  Do I need to disconnect the battery overnight  
> or something to let the system clear itself?  Any other suggestions?
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