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Toby et al:


The other reason to use premium is that the additive package is better for
keeping valves from coking up.  I've got 2 bikes and 2 cars from Europe.
They all require premium fuel and they all get it.  


I'm riding and driving with more efficiency awareness nowadays, but I still
give my machines a good flogging once a day or so and always fill them with
the good stuff.  




'05 R1200RT, '00 Aprilia Mille R, 06 Audi A6 3.2, 95 BMW M3


>My wife and I have three R1100R's between us.  BMW calls for premium but,
prices being as they are, I am wondering if we could just as well use
mid-grade or even (gasp) regular.


>Any ideas/experience/thoughts?




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>Toby Berk

>'76 R60/6, '00 R1100R '01 R1100R wife's: '98 R1100R and 2004 Bonneville
"Loud >Valves Save Lives"





>I put 170 K on a R1100GS, burning mostly mid-grade (typically 89). In my
experience I had better "driveability" and never heard pinging. And every
once in a while, when it was all that was available, 87--but then I used a
very light throttle hand, just in case.