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RE: grade of gas for R1100R

The BMW factory calls for use of premium fuel in most oilheads. Check your
owners' manual to confirm what fuel grade your engine requires, and use it.
I believe it was the late Rob Lentini who cautioned the oilhead community
against operating on lower octane fuel over extended periods. In his article
published with photos in BMW ON, and discussed at length on a few BMW
forums, he wrote of his years of experience using lower grade fuel, pointing
out that he could not hear the pre-ignition that ultimately punched a hole
in a piston. Saving $0.10 per gallon amounts to $0.50-0.70 per fill up. Is
that worth risking engine damage? Don't be penny wise & pound foolish. If
you are venturing into a region where premium fuel is not always available,
such as The Yukon and Northwest Territories, parts of Alaska and Northern
Quebec, carry a bottle or two of octane booster and use it until premium
fuel is obtainable. If you get really desperate, some dry-gas or even an
ounce of Kerosene or diesel fuel in the tank will reduce pre-ignition. Even
then, take it easy!  

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Subject: grade of gas for R1100R

My wife and I have three R1100R's between us.  BMW calls for premium 
but, prices being as they are, I am wondering if we could just as well 
use mid-grade or even (gasp) regular.

Any ideas/experience/thoughts?


Toby Berk 
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