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Re: 1100 GS front Master Cylinder


I had a similar problem a couple of years ago. I rebuilt the master cylinder on my R1100RS following the information here: http://www.largiader.com/tech/r11mc/

The rebuild should be the same for the GS.  Hope this helps.

John Van Deren
Montpelier, VT

Dean Chowenhill wrote:

My front master cylinder leaks brake fluid.  Not a lot,infact the amount of
leakage is not noticeable in the sight glass.  It leaks when riding and I see
drops of brake fluid in the hand guard.  If I ride for a long time, a small
amount of fluid actually blows back on my right saddle bag.  Also, and
probably related, occasioinaly the lever does not release all the way and the
brake light stays on.  I think this is because brake fluid is sticky and it
inhibits the return of the lever.
My question is: Should I replace the Master
Cylinder for Rebuild it?  Bleeding brakes is not a problem for me.