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1100GS Master Cylinder



This has not happened to me, but I'm pretty sure BMW makes a good rebuild
kit.   It's much cheaper than a new cylinder and it's not a difficult job.
Just keep it clean.and make sure you get that brake fluid off the paint
right away!!!




Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2008 17:06:53 -0700 (PDT)

From: Dean Chowenhill <dchowenhill@xxxxxxxxx>

Subject: 1100 GS front Master Cylinder


My front master cylinder leaks brake fluid.  Not a lot,infact the amount of
leakage is not noticeable in the sight glass.  It leaks when riding and I
see drops of brake fluid in the hand guard.  If I ride for a long time, a
small amount of fluid actually blows back on my right saddle bag.  Also, and
probably related, occasioinaly the lever does not release all the way and
the brake light stays on.  I think this is because brake fluid is sticky and
it inhibits the return of the lever.

My question is: Should I replace the Master Cylinder for Rebuild it?
Bleeding brakes is not a problem for me.