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Re: Oil filler cap

Robert Silas writes:
 > >???  I can thing of at least a dozen ways to disable your bike, all quicker
 > >than removing the oil filler cap.
 > For a bad kid the simplest way to ruin your engine is to pour sugar into oil
 > or gas.

So the (urban legend) goes.   Check out
which admittidly doesn't talk about sugar in oil.  If in gas
you'd need to replace the fuel filter and maybe clean the tank
and injectors.  It's not going to destroy your engine.

In oil?   Dunno.  But when is the last time that you know -- not
heard a story about a friend of a friend whose second cousin knows
this guy who heard about a gang in the next county doing this as part
of a rite of initiation -- that this has happened.

I've heard the stories.  I'm still waiting to meet someone
who's been a victim of this practice.  Maybe it's a practice
that hasn't made it to the left coast, yet.

// marc