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Re: Oil filler cap

I used to worry about my gas cap.  (A 1970s BMW which....)

The oil filler cap is {specifically BMW}.  Thus a 1/20  ca.  factor is
there, for a criminal-type knowing what to do.

         Ie 19/20 vandals don't know BMWs.

(This vandalism tends to be impulsive and not all that well planned.)  Am
saying that in large part *they don't even know about this vulnerability.*

                                    Paul  R850R       Indiana

On Wed, 25 Jun 2008, Marco S Hyman wrote:

> Robert Silas writes:
>  > >???  I can thing of at least a dozen ways to disable your bike, all quicker
>  > >than removing the oil filler cap.
>  >
>  > For a bad kid the simplest way to ruin your engine is to pour sugar into oil
>  > or gas.
> So the (urban legend) goes.   Check out
> http://www.snopes.com/autos/grace/sugar.asp
> which admittidly doesn't talk about sugar in oil.  If in gas
> you'd need to replace the fuel filter and maybe clean the tank
> and injectors.  It's not going to destroy your engine.
> In oil?   Dunno.  But when is the last time that you know -- not
> heard a story about a friend of a friend whose second cousin knows
> this guy who heard about a gang in the next county doing this as part
> of a rite of initiation -- that this has happened.
> I've heard the stories.  I'm still waiting to meet someone
> who's been a victim of this practice.  Maybe it's a practice
> that hasn't made it to the left coast, yet.
> // marc