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Re: oilheads-digest V4 #188

Jerry Holtz

  Since your speedometer was working before the tire removal, let's assume that the cable is good. I just repaired the speedometer on my 1996 R1100RT (the inside of the sheath was so gunked up that the cable could barely turn, and the metal ears in the wheel hub were wearing a groove in the nylon bushing in the drive unit), but it was completely repairable. 
 Two things come to mind:
1) when you re-mount the front wheel, the bump on the bike's left fork must be located in the space between the two bumps on the speedo drive housing - that keeps the housing from moving.
2) I don't know why the inner cable would fall out of its sheathing - that does make me suspicious that it might be broken, or is now not connected correctly, but your speedo was working ... anyway, when you put it back in, you want to make sure that the end of the cable at the speedometer unit is pushed all the way into the speedometer and is seated correctly. If you were to put a drill (turning CCW, IIRC) on the cable, at the wheel end, the speedo needle should move. You might find it necessary  to loosen the ferrule-like nut at the base of the speedometer display enough to pull the sheathing back and confirm that the inner cable is seating correctly in the unit. That end of the cable should appear to be squared-off, so it doesn't just spin in the speedometer. If it's worn or broken off, then replace the inner cable. Be sure to hand tighten that ferrule again so it's snug -if it's loose, and the cable is not fully engaged, you're speedo won't work.
3) it doesn't hurt to lube the cable while you're in there

Jerry Holtz
> Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2008 21:13:54 -0400
> From: Bob Barrow <bobbarrow@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Speedometer not working
> Hello Oilheads,
> About two weeks ago I changed the front tire on my '99 R1100RT after 
> which the speedometer stopped working. Since then I have removed the 
> cable to see if the drive turns with the front wheel. It does and when I 
> removed the cable sheath from the wheel the inner cable slid out. Is 
> that normal? I removed the inner cable and both ends appear intact. I 
> reinstalled the cable, still no speedo. Does anyone know what I might 
> have screwed up here or what I should do next to find the problem?
> Thanks,
> Bob