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RE: Speedometer not working

 Hi Bob B,
While not wishing to do Bob S out of a sale :>)  I wonder if you may have
bent back the tabs that engage with the larger plastic gear (that drives the
smaller cable gear).  Also there is a shim behind the plastic gear which may
have been omitted?

Clive Liddell
South Africa
Hello Oilheads,

About two weeks ago I changed the front tire on my '99 R1100RT after 
which the speedometer stopped working. Since then I have removed the 
cable to see if the drive turns with the front wheel. It does and when I 
removed the cable sheath from the wheel the inner cable slid out. Is 
that normal? I removed the inner cable and both ends appear intact. I 
reinstalled the cable, still no speedo. Does anyone know what I might 
have screwed up here or what I should do next to find the problem?