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I like the Garmin products.

The Zumo and the Quest product lines are where I would start looking.

I currently use a Quest which was bought about 2 years ago as a
reconditioined unit strictly to keep costs down.  It will hold details
maps for 3-4 states at one time, and has the major roads loaded at all
times.  It has a water proof rating and works well enough for use on
the bike.  Give it an address, and it will autoroute you to it.

The Quest II has detailed maps of the entire US loaded at all times.
Plus I think you can load more if you want to.  Haven't used one,
because the one I have is good enough, and it costs a lot more.

The Garmin Zumo products cost a lot more, use a touch screen and are
built for motorcycle use if I remember right.

This mostly going from memory, so please check the Garmin site to
verify my facts.  Its pretty easy to find a product comparison if you
go searching.

I would ask "How good are his eyes?" and "Is a touch screen required?"
 My  vision is good, so a small screen on the Quest doesn't bother me.
 Manging the tiny buttons on the Quest is doable for me with gloves
on, so I can get by without a touch screen.  Some people would not
like dealing with the buttons with gloves on at all.

Final thing to check on is will it be used for other purposes?  Some
of the models out there are made only to route you from one address to
another on paved roads.  I like the Quest model, because it can still
record a simple waypoint if hiking or Geocaching as well as do
everything I need for traveling.

Dean Wegner
R1100RT '96

On 7/8/08, Dancoe, John <jdan@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> A friend of mine is looking to give her husband a GPS unit for a birthday
> present.
> What do we like these days?
> In her words, "Dave is not a high tech nerd so doesn't need bluetooth or
> calling capability, that kinda stuff. Just your basic, update-able, rainproof
> gizmo."