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A friend of mine is looking to give her husband a GPS unit for a birthday

What do we like these days?

In her words, "Dave is not a high tech nerd so doesn't need bluetooth or
calling capability, that kinda stuff. Just your basic, update-able, rainproof

As for my $0.02:

In my day, we didn't need none of this gee-pee-ess.
We tried to focus on a compass needle bouncing around in the tank bag map
pocket. The compass would always slide over the top of the map right where we
were trying to look, and it would always point at the swiss army knife inside
the bag, anyway. We had to hold one finger on the map and gradually zoom in on
the location where we thought we were, which was usually wrong, all the while
stealing glances up to avoid rear-ending the car in front or riding off the
road. We couldn't read the map if it was raining or dark, and if we were were
heading south, the map had to be upside down. We figured out how far we'd
driven by forgetting to set the trip odometer at the last gas stop, and how
much father it was to the destination depended on how bad our bladders
...and we LIKED it!

John Dancoe
'93 R1100RS