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Re: More GPS

I also have a GPSMap 60C that is a very nice handheld unit. The newer
version, with the ability to use removeble memory cards is the 60CX.
The 60C can be found at bargain prices. The 60C does not have voice
prompts, which was a problem for me navigating tiny roads in the dark
with no street signs and no desire to keep having to look down at the
unit while riding along. Great for hiking, though; I understand the
topo map set is nice, but haven't seen it personally.

The Zumo had battery and voice prompts, but is more expensive.

On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 12:03 PM, Andrew Johnson <sundiaL@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> All these units for motorcycles and cars are fine, as far as they go... but
> how about those of us who might wish to carry a GPS on backcountry hikes,
> away from 12 VDC? Are there models which have worked well on vehicles and
> when carried by hand?
> - Andrew