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Re: GPS One More (last) Time

On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 9:45 AM, Tom Brown <tbrown@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I ride with people who have the units you describe and they're not able to
> manipulate their GPSs on the fly like I can.  This is a huge advantage.  I
> end up leading most of the time because I can always find good roads without
> route planning.   It's not perfect, but it's a very nice design and it's
> head and shoulders above the old school.

Is there some enhanced capability here that you're describing? The
2720 has a touch screen and can be used when moving, although from a
safety perspective it isn't a great idea.

> 3.       Current era GPS:   These include Zumo and Nuvi.  They have huge
> points of interest databases and the map functions are better.

Really? Which map functions are better, and in what way? Improved
functionality interests me.

The POIs are in the map set, so anyone running that set will have the
same ones.

> The touch-screens are fairly intuitive and the maps are
> updatable every year.

This is not unique to the zumo.

> I'm obviously of the mind that category 3 is worth the extra dough.  The
> Zumo is specifically designed for motorcycle use and it really works well at
> that.  The little extra features it has are not truly appreciated until you
> live with the thing for a while, but it's pretty amazing what can be done
> with it.

What are the little features that you like so much? I may not get a
zumo for a few years, but finding out about real-world user experience
is always good.

> For a motorcycle, I still like the Zumo best.   Quality is remembered long
> after price is forgotten.    Remember this recommendation is for someone new
> to the whole thing who doesn't necessarily want to buy used or a close out.
> I'm not saying you should all go out and buy a Zumo although several of my
> friends have since they've seen me use mine.   I'm saying if I was looking
> for something to buy for someone who didn't know everything about them, I
> wouldn't want to risk buying a used or close-out, I'd buy them something
> with a warranty and a high likelihood of satisfaction.   The Zumo 450 is
> that unit given all the possibilities out there.

It is worth mentioning that buying a 2720 or 2820 from a normal
retailer like Amazon means that the unit comes with a full warranty.

Just for fun, I poked around and found 2720 factory refurbished units
with a 1-year guarantee for $158.00! For anyone who does not have a
lot to spend, but would like to stick their toe into the GPS waters,
this would be an excellent way to get started: