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Re: GPS One More (last) Time

Thanks for the summary, just one thing: you did not mention anything about word instruction from the units, which is outmost important for me. Just because I have the 2610 since it came out, does not mean that I do not want to update. I'd like to buy a unit with all maps and Euro-Maps of street Guides installed too. I know that the European Map and Street Guides require 4 GiG itself. Also, it should have: touch screen, word-by-word, turn-by-turn instruction, screen to switch to night usage automatically and to have internal battery. Nearby accomodation is welcome, also of hospitals and Bluetooth capability too. Points of interest, and music are secondary.
Bob Silas
PS: I do not want to sa a 100.- to buy a lesser unit.

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Subject: GPS One More (last) Time


I know you all love your 2610s and your Street Pilots.   What I'm saying is
that, for a new person to GPS who wants something that will last them, the
Zumo 450 is the ticket.  For a tech-oriented person, the 376C is very cool
and comes with the satellite antenna, but there are things it cannot do as
well as the Zumo when actually operating a motorcycle..  These other ones
you mention aren't even in the same ball park as Zumo in the ease of use
category.   If I were a newbie, I'd want something simple to use with easy
controls.   That's why I said what I said.