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RE: GPS One More (last) Time


The Euro maps come on a 2 gig chip.   North America is also 2 gigs.  Most of
the new Garmin products, including the 2710 that Emoto likes, have 2 gigs of
internal memory, separate from the chip.   

The Euro map chip is not cheap.   I wouldn't buy this until I needed it.
Maybe a month before you have a trip planned.

When I say "Points of Interest", I mean restaurants, libraries, hospitals,
shopping, motels, parks...all that stuff that is not maps that you can find
by category instead of giving the address.   

With the new Garmins, you can find these for where you are now (by default
it lists in order of distance from your vehicle) or you can tell it to find
something near your destination.  If that destination is a city, it will
list by distance from the center of the city.  If it's an address or an
intersection, it will list by distance from that location.   I'm not sure
how yours works in this regard.  This is Garmins that use "NT" maps, which
I've called "software" in my messages.

Zumo 550 has Bluetooth.  Zumo 450 does not.   

550 has the capability of playing satellite radio and you can use a chip to
put MP3 songs on if you want to listen to music like you would use an iPod.
I like my 20 gig iPod and will use it until something major breaks on it.  I
have a little speaker setup for it that I use in motel rooms.  Great for
after dinner swarres.

If there was a unit I could plug into my earplugs that would receive a
Bluetooth signal so I didn't have to run a wire all the way to the GPS, I'd
think about satellite or loading a chip with music for it, but the iPod
works so well for me, I don't see the need.  

I have a wired remote that sits right at the top of my tank bag.  My
earplugs plug in to that and I can change volume or skip a song, turn it off
and on from this remote.  iPod stays hidden in the bag.  That's fine for me
and the sound quality is really great. There's nothing like charging some
challenging roads with good music playing right in the center of your head.
I'm a blues player, but I love classical for the big hills or just about
anything else.  I set it on "juke box" so the type of music is always
changing.   With plugs, you don't need music to be so loud. 

I agree with you obviously.  I bought the good one with features I don't
have use for at the moment.  Maybe something will change and I'll want these


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Thanks for the summary, just one thing: you did not mention anything about 
word instruction from the units, which is outmost important for me. Just 
because I have the 2610 since it came out, does not mean that I do not want 
to update. I'd like to buy a unit with all maps and Euro-Maps of street 
Guides installed too. I know that the European Map and Street Guides require

4 GiG itself. Also, it should have: touch screen, word-by-word, turn-by-turn

instruction, screen to switch to night usage automatically and to have 
internal battery. Nearby accomodation is welcome, also of hospitals and 
Bluetooth capability too. Points of interest, and music are secondary.
Bob Silas
PS: I do not want to sa a 100.- to buy a lesser unit.

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Subject: GPS One More (last) Time


I know you all love your 2610s and your Street Pilots.   What I'm saying is
that, for a new person to GPS who wants something that will last them, the
Zumo 450 is the ticket.  For a tech-oriented person, the 376C is very cool
and comes with the satellite antenna, but there are things it cannot do as
well as the Zumo when actually operating a motorcycle..  These other ones
you mention aren't even in the same ball park as Zumo in the ease of use
category.   If I were a newbie, I'd want something simple to use with easy
controls.   That's why I said what I said.

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