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Re: R1100R ABS rewire to allow disabling

At 10:31 PM 8/10/2008, Steve Lively wrote:
>Does any one know how I might be able to rewire my '96 R1100R to allow the
>ABS II to be disabled as it can be on the GS model.  It seems like I should
>be able to hook the alert acknowledge switch to the appropriate pin on the
>ABS module to allow it to operate as a disable switch like it does on the
>GS.  I have not been able to figure out which wire to change.  My Clymer
>manual does not have the right wiring diagram for the GS to figure out which
>wire or pin to move to. I ride some gravel and dirt roads and would like to
>be able to shut down the ABS when I need to.  Thanks for any help!

You can find what you want here:
Just eliminate the relay and substitute a switch.