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RE: R1100R ABS rewire to allow disabling


The necessary differences in the R1100 series is in the connection from the
battery -ive (and ABS cancell switch) to the ABS control unit (Brown wire).

According to the Haynes manual this configuration is:  For the "R and GS"
models this is connected to No 22 on the ABS control unit.   For the "R", an
additional parallel connection goes to No 9.

It seems all you need to do is disconnect the connection to No 9 on the ABS
unit to get to the same wiring as the "R and GS".

NOTE:  I have not done this mod and all I am telling you is what I see in
the Haynes wiring diagram.  Any alterations you do are at your own risk  :>)

Good luck

Clive Liddell
South Africa

Does any one know how I might be able to rewire my '96 R1100R to allow the
ABS II to be disabled as it can be on the GS model.  It seems like I should
be able to hook the alert acknowledge switch to the appropriate pin on the
ABS module to allow it to operate as a disable switch like it does on the
GS.  I have not been able to figure out which wire to change.  My Clymer
manual does not have the right wiring diagram for the GS to figure out which
wire or pin to move to. I ride some gravel and dirt roads and would like to
be able to shut down the ABS when I need to.  Thanks for any help!