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Re: Bogging when accelerating in top gear

I too swapped out the intake tubes for GS tubes and like the change it made on my '94 R1100RS. I did it back in '98 according to Rob's suggestions. Here's a page I put together with his original findings and some pics...

Pearl '94 R11RS...

On Aug 13, 2008, at 8:53 AM, Robert Silas wrote:

Is that a USA model or a Canadian one???
Idling shoud be 1100 rpm warm.
I have the same model (Canadian) 175,000 km and runs well.
On early Canadian models there are no catalic converters, no surging of the engine. I changed the intake tubes to another set belonging to a GS model which tubes are narrower giving more torque in mid range but reduces the max. speed for about 5-10%. It does 200 km/h anyway. This modification was suggested by the late Rob Lentini.
Bob Silas

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Subject: Bogging when accelerating in top gear

Just picked up a 94R1100RS. Bike runs smoothly, provides good power
and gets aproximately 47-50mpg. Slightly cold blooded but this goes
away quickly. When warmed up it ticks over at aproximately 900-950rpm.
The only glitch is that sometimes when cruising in 5th gear and
rolling on the throttle hard is that it bogs. If I pull in the clutch
and crack  the throttle it revs quickly and cleanly. Any help as to
where to start would  be appreciated; (the bike has 51K on it and has
been  well maintained.

Many thanks,


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