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Re: Bogging when accelerating in top gear

At 06:20 AM 8/13/2008, will3hawks@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Just picked up a 94R1100RS. Bike runs smoothly, provides good power
and gets aproximately 47-50mpg. Slightly cold blooded but this goes
away quickly. When warmed up it ticks over at aproximately 900-950rpm.
The only glitch is that sometimes when cruising in 5th gear and
rolling on the throttle hard is that it bogs. If I pull in the clutch
and crack  the throttle it revs quickly and cleanly. Any help as to
where to start would  be appreciated; (the bike has 51K on it and has
been  well maintained.

Many thanks,


  How often can you re-create this 'bog'?  First suspects would be
plugs, plug wires, coil.  If it only happens at very high loads, the
fuel filter is suspect too.
  Set your idle to 1,100RPM.  That won't help your problem but that
is where it should be.