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Everyone here is right on track with the GS intake tube recommendation.
Id add that its very important to get the alignment marks in the right
place.  My 99RT ran terribly when the left pipe was off only about =.   It
will take you about an hour if youve never done it and it does help with
low end torque a bit.  You can feel it.  You can order these tubes from your
dealer.   The cost is about $40 for the pair as I recall.   May be higher
now, but probably not much.

Im not sure what youre used to with motorcycles or if this is your first
twin.   You dont mention RPMs here.   I try to ride at 3000 or above.
Sometimes when Im idling through a town, Ill let it go a little lower, but
dont expect this thing to pull like a tractor at really low RPMs.   If
youre running it around 2,000, its just not going to be very strong.  Its
not made for that.   Red line is up at 6400 and you can use all of that.
It will make a racket at higher RPMs but you wont hurt this engine by
revving it up.

If you are trying to get power below 2500, you may be cold-walling the
cylinders.   Just learn to shift down when you slow down.  Keep the revs
around 3000 to 3500 and youll be ready for anything.

Then again, it could be wires or plugs like the other list members say.