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Re: Bogging when accelerating in top gear

>47-50 mpg? Wow, my 94 RS (actually, an early '93 build) never came close to
that, even when new.

Do you live at high altitude?

Or do you just always obey the speed limit? ;)

If not I'd suspect that maybe you are running lean. Clogged fuel filter is a
likely culprit.

A coworker just recently bought a used Suzuki dual sport which ran like crap;
he started an engine overhaul but stopped when he discovered a rag in the

My RS actually has a similar problem--no top end at all; maxes out about 105
mph. AND gets mid 30s mpg...what a deal, eh?

In the interest of full diclosure--I removed the throttle bodies and put huge
carburetors on it.

There is a new development in that saga BTW.

I really do need to deliver the whole story to this list. I promise I will
shortly. Then you will all know (though perhaps still not fully understand)
why I would do such a crazy thing.

And why, although it's been an interesting experiment which I don't actually
regret, I wouldn't do it again...

John Dancoe
'93 R1100RSxABSxFI