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Fuel distrubution line replacement-HELP!!!

I have the unfortunate situation of needing to replace the plastic fuel
distribution lines on my 94 R1100RS due to the fact that some moron who had
previously worked on the bike used plyers on said plastic line in order to get
it apart from the rubber gas line and managed to perforate the FD lines. The
job looks like "disassemble entire bike, replace part, and reassemble entire
bike". I'm fine with the  removal of the fairing and tank as well as lines but
the issue of splitting the frame where it joins the engine in order to remove
the airbox is daunting to say the least. While in principal  it appears to
involve 2 bolts, cracking things loose and removing the airbox, I'm having a
hard time seeing it as something that simple. While I'm by no means a
mechanic, I  do have tools and know the front of the bike from the back. Is
this job something that I should take to the dealer or am I making more of it
than it is? When the bolts are out, does one simply lift the subframe away
from the engine? Does it need to be moved much in order to get the airbox out?
Any help from the brotherhood would be much appreciated.



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