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RE: Fuel distrubution line replacement-HELP!!!


It's not as bad as it looks. I removed my distribution assembly when I
installed carbs, and I don't recall needing to remove or loosen the subframe.
But my recollection is dim; it's possible that I did have to do that. Of
course I only needed to be able to remove the tube cluster (which includes the
pressure regulator, which is in the middle of the cluster under the airbox); I
didn't have to re-install anything, which is a task that might need more
working room.

Removing the subframe isn't a big deal if you need to, yes it basically just
lifts back out of the way; but there are 4 bolts, not 2.

At any rate I know it wasn't the most troublesome aspect of my conversion. I
don't think you need to take it anywhere, just be patient and thoughtful and
keep in mind motorcyle mechanics rule #1: "If you're forcing it, you're doing
it wrong."

Have you got manuals? I can check mine (Clymer, Haynes) when I get home to see
what they say.

John Dancoe
early '93 (but they called it a '94) R1100RS