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Fuel distribution lines surgery and related matters

Good evening heads,
you may have already read about my saga regarding the replacement/repair of
the fuel distribution lines on my 94R1100RS. A couple of questions come to
First, I need a link to the R1100xxx service manual as the only one available
to me is the one on IBMWR which does not have anything about transmission
removal which I need in order to get the damnable airbox out to get at the
Secondly, when I was taking things apart, there are the two large fuel lines
(13mm) and two smaller lines which go into the junction block on the frame.
One line is solid black while the other has a stripe the entire length of the
otherwise black hose. Stupidly, I did not pay much attention to which goes
where. From the tank the striped hose is on the top, however, at the junction
block the striped hose is on the bottom (these hoses eventually go to the
canister. I hooked them up with the striped hose on the top leading to the
plain black hose and the plain black hose on the bottom to the striped hose on
the bottom-did I get that right? After I hooked everything up, the black hose
was pissing gas. I tried hooking the hoses stripe to stripe and black to black
and then it seemed that the canister had a meltdown and fuel began leaking
from the direction of the canister. Once I changed back to stripe from tank to
black on top of the junction block and black
 from tank to stripe on bottom to canister and the leaking slowed down.
However, the black hose behind the foot peg continues to piss gas which is
black with carbon. WTF??? Could the new external fuel filter have anything to
do with that?; (I did the late Rob Lentini's conversion to an external fuel
As usual, any help and expertise would be much appreciated.