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RE: Fuel distrubution line replacement-HELP!!!

The factory manual has the best procedure for this.  The procedure is
basically the same as for transmission removal, you just don't do the
last step (remove the transmission).  The subframe does not need to be
removed; two of the bolts are taken out and two are loosened allowing it
to pivot up and out of the way.  Each step is simple but without the
manual you'd be guessing at what to remove.

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It's not as bad as it looks. I removed my distribution assembly when I
installed carbs, and I don't recall needing to remove or loosen the
But my recollection is dim; it's possible that I did have to do that. Of
course I only needed to be able to remove the tube cluster (which
includes the
pressure regulator, which is in the middle of the cluster under the
airbox); I
didn't have to re-install anything, which is a task that might need more
working room.

Removing the subframe isn't a big deal if you need to, yes it basically
lifts back out of the way; but there are 4 bolts, not 2.

At any rate I know it wasn't the most troublesome aspect of my
conversion. I
don't think you need to take it anywhere, just be patient and thoughtful
keep in mind motorcyle mechanics rule #1: "If you're forcing it, you're
it wrong."

Have you got manuals? I can check mine (Clymer, Haynes) when I get home
to see
what they say.

John Dancoe
early '93 (but they called it a '94) R1100RS