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RE: Pissing fuel lines.


I forgot about this; it happened to mine too, something like 14 years ago. I
also did the external filter mod back then too, though it was based on the Joe
Katz example not Lentini's. Same result probably.

It's very likely the fuel lines inside the tank between the filler neck and
the pump mounting plate have developed leaks. If they are the originals it's
virtually certain. Deteriorating rubber in those lines was a common problem
with early oilheads; that's probably how your canister got contaminated.

To fix these lines you'll have to remove the tank, remove the filler neck, and
remove the backing plate to which the fuel level sensor and fuel pump are
attached. I assume you've already been into the tank to remove and bypass the
filter, if so you know the routine, but in any case a word of caution: BE VERY
CAREFUL DOING THIS because it's very easy to bend the sensor float rod which
could cause the sensor to become inaccurate or nonfunctional. One of the
biggest advantages of the external filter is not having to risk this on a
regular basis.

Naturally, be careful with the o-rings on both pieces and cross-tighten the
bolts on reassembly.

With the filler neck and the pump plate off, replace the internal rubber lines
with the best quality fuel line you can get so you'll never have to do it
again. Stripe one of the replacement lines so you can keep the connections
correct, in case you or someone else ever puts the canister back on. But if
you've removed the canister and directed both vent lines toward the pavement
it no longer matters if they get mixed up.

How many miles on this machine?

Regards & good luck,
John Dancoe
'93 R1100RS
Plexus Systems
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248.393.2571 fax